objet em Holandês

1. (discussion) onderwerp (n)
2. (avenir) bedoeling (f); bestemming (f)
3. (objets) artikel (n); voorwerp (n); ding (n) 4. (but) bedoeling (f); doel (n); doeleinde (n); voornemen (n)

Frases De Exemplo

By 'Torii' you mean that red objet d'art at the top of the steps?
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BD will exhibit at Maison et Objet in Paris from January 22 to 26.
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Objet Geometries develops, manufactures and globally markets ultra-thin-layer, high-resolution 3D printing solutions for rapid prototyping and rapid manufacturing.
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1. but: cible, fin
2. matière: sujet, substance, thème
3. chose: instrument, outil
4. sans objet

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