regular em Árabe

‏جندي نظامي، عضو سديد الإخلاص لحزبه‏
‏متسق، منظم، نظامي، إعتيادي، دائم، تام، متناسق، مترهب، رهباني، محترف، منتظم، قياسي، صحيح، مألوف، سوي، مطرد، مرتب، مستقر‏

Frases De Exemplo

Research shows that one in three young people are bullied on a regular basis, but experts believe the numbers could be much higher.
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Regular clashes have taken place here between anti-Balaka, who come to launch attacks, and residents, who fiercely defend themselves.
(Source: Voice of America)
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“Well, at any rate I will not go. Besides, that is not a regular rule: you invented it just now.”
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“I did not have the financial means to learn it,” said the Mock Turtle with a sigh. “I only took the regular course.”
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He was not a bad boy far from it and he had always aspired to have a more regular existence.
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He had in his hands several of these flat and regular pieces of ice – which made up the surface of the lake.
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Pulling the big guns out of your arsenal has to be a regular thing.
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and Desnoyers would break out into complaints and curses. Where on earth was he to get it, he would like to know. His father was as regular as a machine,
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Establish a regular time to sleep.
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El Conejo must know, was the regular response when anything was suspected.
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in accordance with fixed order or procedure or principle: rhythmic, first-string, prescribed, official, weak, rhythmical, standard, symmetric, regularity, well-ordered, systematic, lawful, timed, symmetrical, uniform, rule-governed, stock
often used as intensifiers: veritable, typical
conforming to a standard or pattern: standard
regularly scheduled for fixed times: scheduled
in accord with regular practice or procedure: usual
occurring at fixed intervals: even, steady
relating to a person who does something regularly: steady, frequent
a regular patron: fixture, patron, habitue, frequenter
a garment size for persons of average height and weight: size
not deviating from what is normal: normal

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