contender em Grego

ουσ. αγωνιζόμενος, ανταγωνιστής, αντίπαλος

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I do not side with either of the two contenders.
Εγώ δεν τάσσομαι με το μέρος κανενός εκ των δύο αντιπάλων.
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This directive also allows the European drinks industry, thanks to this quality, to remain a strong contender in the competition.
Αυτή η οδηγία επιτρέπει επίσης στον ευρωπαϊκό κλάδο ποτοποιίας, χάρη σε αυτήν την ποιότητα, να παραμένει ισχυρός διεκδικητής στον ανταγωνισμό.
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the contestant you hope to defeat: front-runner, scratch, queen, street fighter, competition, challenger, tilter, champ, title-holder, runner-up, world-beater, competitor, finalist, foe, contestant, second best, champion, king, favourite, semifinalist, tier, enemy, rival, favorite, comer

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