failure em Indonésio

n. kegagalan, gagalnya, runtuhnya, kesemanan, kekurangan, pengabaian, pelalaian, kesalahan, ketidaklulusan, kebangkrutan, kerusakan

Frases De Exemplo

He tried to kill himself but it ended in failure.
Ia mencoba untuk bunuh diri tapi pada akhirnya ia gagal.
pronunciation pronunciation pronunciation Reportar um erro
He was asked to account for his failure.
Dia diminta untuk bertanggung jawab atas kegagalannya.
pronunciation pronunciation pronunciation Reportar um erro

an act that fails: flunk, nonaccomplishment, out, relapse, nonpayment, reverting, lapsing, nonremittal, naught, backsliding, relapsing, reversion, nonconformity, loss, default, lapse, failing, nonachievement, error, misplay, nonconformance
an event that does not accomplish its intended purpose: ruination, malfunction, occurrence, downfall, miss, malformation, flame-out, natural event, ruin, bust, breakdown, miscreation, occurrent, miscarriage, happening, equipment failure, flop, abortion, licking, fizzle, defeat, misfire
a person with a record of failing; someone who loses consistently: underdog, bankrupt, washout, flop, dud, unfortunate person, unsuccessful person, nonstarter, loser, unfortunate, insolvent, flash in the pan
lack of success: bankruptcy, fortune, destiny, fate, dead duck, bank failure, portion, lot, circumstances, crop failure, luck
an unexpected omission: omission, skip, disappointment, copout, breach, dashing hopes
inability to discharge all your debts as they come due: insolvency, bankruptcy