fraudulence em Romeno

n. înşelătorie, înşelare

Frases De Exemplo

Therefore, I think that the practice of testing for fraudulence as regards the main subject matter of the contract and for price adequacy should be initiated.
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It teaches people to respect their differences; it opens eyes and hearts to the beauty of diversity; it helps disentangle fact from fiction; and it exposes the fraudulence of extremist teachings.
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The type who has nothing, depending on the fraudulence of others for survival...
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something intended to deceive; deliberate trickery intended to gain an advantage: humbug, fraud, trickery, chicane, chicanery, goldbrick, hoax, dupery, wile, put-on, shenanigan, guile
the quality of being fraudulent: deceit, dishonesty
a fraudulent or duplicitous representation: deceit, deception, misrepresentation, duplicity

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