iniquity em Romeno

n. nedreptate, act arbitrar

Frases De Exemplo

They swept you from power, threw you on to the political scrapheap, and no iniquity that you may dream up will change this fact.
Aceştia v-au alungat de la putere, v-au aruncat la lada de gunoi a politicii şi nicio nedreptate pe care o puteţi născoci nu va schimba acest lucru.
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an unjust act: shabbiness, wrongful conduct, injustice, wrongdoing, unfairness, misconduct, actus reus
morally objectionable behavior: sexual immorality, immorality, foul play, evil, deviltry, transgression, wickedness, violation, devilry, irreverence, evildoing
absence of moral or spiritual values: status, darkness, dark, wickedness, condition, foulness

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