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n. військо: регулярні війська, чернець
a. регулярний, правильний, звичний, постійний, закономірний, нормальний, рівний, черговий
adv. правильно, регулярно, надзвичайно

Frases De Exemplo

You have a regular pulse.
У тебе нормальний пульс.
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I'm looking for some regular work.
Я шукаю якусь звичайну роботу.
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Is his pulse regular?
У нього нормальний пульс?
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in accordance with fixed order or procedure or principle: rhythmic, first-string, prescribed, official, weak, rhythmical, standard, symmetric, regularity, well-ordered, systematic, lawful, timed, symmetrical, uniform, rule-governed, stock
often used as intensifiers: veritable, typical
conforming to a standard or pattern: standard
regularly scheduled for fixed times: scheduled
in accord with regular practice or procedure: usual
occurring at fixed intervals: even, steady
relating to a person who does something regularly: steady, frequent
a regular patron: fixture, patron, habitue, frequenter
a garment size for persons of average height and weight: size
not deviating from what is normal: normal

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