uncertain em Vietnamita

a. không chắc, vô định, vô hạn, bấp bênh, không chắc chắn

Frases De Exemplo

The matter of the electoral calendar remains quite uncertain the CAR is supposed to go to the polls in February 2015.
(Source: Voice of America)
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"And here is the key, sir," said the old lady, going over the contents of her bunch with tremulously uncertain hands.
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Better an open enemy than an uncertain friend.
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The jesters observed that they were uncertain as to the way, and did all they could to confuse them.
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That is uncertain.
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began unrolling a string of words like the noise of clappers between long intervals of uncertain silence.
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For some weeks the millionaire was deprived of his wealth, and felt restless before the uncertain future. How long would it be before they could send him money from South America?
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It is uncertain whether he is coming or not.
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One of the salesmen,—the fellow who was troubled with his stomach, exasperated by the boredom, the heat and his uncertain digestion, found no other distraction than insulting and berating Manuel while he served at table, whether or not there were cause.
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Now the possibility of marriage was recurring less and less in her thoughts. Why think about such remote and uncertain events? More immediate things were occupying her mind.
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lacking or indicating lack of confidence or assurance: confidence, unsure, groping, self-confidence, incertain, certainty, self-assurance, authority, doubtful, dubious, sureness, assurance, ambivalent
not established beyond doubt; still undecided or unknown: sure thing, undetermined, foregone conclusion, certainty, indeterminate, up in the air, indefinite
not certain to occur; not inevitable: contingent, chancy, iffy, unpredictable, fluky, up in the air, flukey
not consistent or dependable: unreliable, undependable
ambiguous (especially in the negative): ambiguous
subject to change: variable, unsettled, changeable
not established or confirmed: unsealed

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